1791 -1803;  18041805180618071808; 18091810;



18301831183218331834 183518361837; 18381839;

1840; 1841; 1842; 1843184418451846184718481849;

1850185118521853; 18541855; 1856; 1857; 1858; 1859; 1860; 1861



The OMIWORLD site contains the complete digitalised version of the published writings in French of Saint Eugene de Mazenod.  On the recently renewed website, these writings are found at https://www.omiworld.org/fr/notre-charisme/fondateur/ecrits/ (Please note that there are still some teething problems with this page of the new website which are in the process of being sorted out)

In English you will find the PDF version at https://www.omiworld.org/our-charism/founder/writings/ 

The OMIWORLD site contains a PDF version of all the writings as they have been published according to the volumes.

What we have here above, however, are all the published writings put together in chronological order. Many people have collaborated to make this possible, and I express my gratitude to each one – as I am sure you do too in having this version available.

Studying the writings of Eugene has always been a source of great blessing for me. May this digitalised version bring rich fruits to all who make use of them.


  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Dear Frank – thank you for this location and ease of use. A couple of years ago I found these writing on the omiworld site but had to dig deep to find them. This makes it so easy to use!

    For many of us Associates and other non-vowed members of the Oblate Family, this place that you have set up provides us with a way of learning and reflecting on Eugene, his life and his spirit and then seeing it alive in the Oblates around us and even in ourselves. It is like recognizing God in each other, a great joy and a great consolation. So it is with St. Eugene and how he has lived on, how his spirit has lived and flourished in others, how it continues to grow today. Another of God’s gifts beyond measure!

    It is a bit of a surprise that in coming here to this place I have learned a model that I use in my daily bible study, and how I share myself with those around me. A bit of a surprise in how I have come to know myself as I am reflected in others. Last night with a group of beloved people I meet with and support I found Eugene and some Oblates as my inspiration as I spoke and then this morning my scripture study was a reflection on St. John the Baptist and who he lives on in others in my life – where do I find truth – and again Eugene and so very many Oblates (and others) were there before me.

    There is not always a lot of feedback for you on this great service of love that you provide but I am sure you know the difference it makes in the lives of many of us and is a model for each of us to move forward with in our lives as missionaries. THANK YOU.

  2. William Ousley OMI says:

    Thank you, Frank.
    Still ‘savouring’ our retreat with you at Hepburn Springs.
    It’s not so cool outside now as we come to Christmas!
    Every grace and peace in CHRIST to you and all the brothers there for this Year of MERCY.

  3. Don Marx says:

    My friends, I have been hoping for a way to be closer to my Oblate brethren, and perhaps this is a way to begin..I have had the high honor of serving alongside my Oblate brothers since 1966, and what a joy it has also been..I have been at the parish of St Ferdinand this entire time..My mentors have included Ed Collins, OMI, Bill McHugh, OMI, Frank Wagner, OMI , David Ullrich, OMI, Bryan Silva, OMI and Paul Nourie, OMI. and this, of course is but a partial listing…One question I have is, would it be permissible for me to obtain one of the smaller Oblate crucifixes? I do not wish to step in without being invited, I wish only to be able to show my appreciation for how the Oblates have been an integral part of my life…Blessings upon my OMI friends and brethren.

  4. Jim Brobst, OMI says:

    Frank – what a wonderful gift – I had no idea that this site was available.

  5. Anda Sprudzs says:

    Thanks to you and all other hands and hearts.

  6. Charles Banks says:

    Dear Frank,

    Thank you for the “Treasure Chest” full of wonderful, rich spiritual nuggets of love and wisdom from St. Eugene.

    Charlie Banks, OMI

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