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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Lay Oblate says:

    It matters not (at least to me) that Paul is the chosen Patron Saint for the Oblate Associates in the US – only because we are all members of the same family. I chose to walk with St. Eugene de Mazenod, I also chose to walk in the footsteps of Fr. Albert Lacombe OMI, and Blessed Joseph Gerard OMI, and so many others, like Kay Cronin HOMI and Melania Magdova, Zuzana, Paul and Sandy… not forgetting Fr. Mario Borzaga OMI who seemed so filled with love and joy…

    I could name so many more members of the Oblate/Mazenodian Family – both professed and lay, living and dead…

    For we are, every single one of us, called to oblation, called to make a gift of ourselves to God – in loving service to God, the Church, each other and the poor around us. We are called to discipleship, we are called to stand at the foot of the cross with our Blessed Mother, and perhaps some of us may be called to offer our entire lives in a death of martyrdom.

    Standing at the foot of the Cross with Mary, our Mother and few of the friends, we can turn and notice not only Mario Borzaga but also Blessed Paul Thoj Xyooj (Thao Shiong) so many others. I think of the lay persons who one week from today will be presenting our cause, our dreams and aspirations, our love, prayers and support at the 37th General Chapter which begins on Wednesday September 14th.

    Most of us will never receive the title of “Blessed” in the sense of moving towards canonization as Paul Thoj Xyooj is experiencing now. But like Paul we too have experienced the call, our call, our vocation from God and like all those who have gone before us we too will hear the Lord’s whisper of “Beloved”.

    Blessed Paul Thoj Xyooj share with us your wisdom, courage and daring, your lived joy and your offering of a good death…

    To our US brothers and sisters we thank you for sharing your patron saint with all of us around the world who come here to join you in prayer and reflection. Happy Feast Day!

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