Eugene was in a reminiscing mood on the day of this diary entry.  For some reason he decided to make a list of all his anniversaries. As we read it, perhaps it could inspire each of us to do the same – and to celebrate with a prayer of gratitude for each of our milestones.


Memorable days for me, whose anniversary I need to celebrate:



August 1, 1782, my birth;

August 2, 1782, my baptism.

I made my First Communion on Holy Thursday and I was confirmed by Cardinal Costa, Archbishop of Turin on the feast day of the Holy Trinity, but I am not sure whether this was in the year 1792 or even in 1793.

In the first supposition, Holy Thursday would correspond to April 5 and the Holy Trinity to June 3; in the second, this would be March 28 and May 26.

On November 4, 1808, I took the soutane,

on December 27, 1808, I was tonsured by Bishop Andre, former bishop of Quimper.

On May 27, 1809, I received minor orders from His Excellency Cardinal Fesch;

on December 23, 1809, I was made sub-deacon by Bishop André, former bishop of Quimper;

on June 16, 1810, I was made deacon by Cardinal Fesch;

on December 21, 1811, I was made priest in Amiens by Bishop Demandoix of Amiens. Cardinal Mattei, who should have ordained me, was in exile, and I not having wanted to receive the priesthood from the hands of Cardinal Maury, at the time administrator of the diocese of Paris. [ed. Jean Siffrein Maury (1746-1817), appointed by Pius VI bishop of Montefiascone and cardinal in 1799. Appointed archbishop of Paris by Napoléon in 1810; Pope Pius VII, in exile in France, refused to confirm the nomination.]

On November 1, 1818, I made my oblation in the congregation,

and, on October 14, 1832, I received episcopal consecration from the hands of His Eminence Cardinal Odescalchi  and from the archbishops of Chalcédoine and of Ravenna, thereafter Cardinals Frezza and Falconieri. 

I was transferred to the see of Marseille on October 2, 1837.

He concludes with a certain subtle sense of humor:

Yet to be known is the day of my death, the anniversary of which others will have to celebrate and for which I invoke in advance the mercy of God.

Eugene de Mazenod’s Diary, 14 March 1842, EO XXI

Let us also celebrate our milestones.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    My milestones are not so well noted with dates as mentioned by Eugene. I do not have dates but there are some memories for which I give thanks.

    A few like Kay Cronin impacted my life and are vivid memories. My first AA meeting and those I met and who walked with me into sobriety.

    The day I met Jesus and heard him say my name; and the universe was transformed. And the following days when I gave myself totally to God because that was the only way that I could love others – through my Beloved.

    I see the faces of so many who have impacted my life and walked with me. I laugh because their faces appear from hidden recesses in my heart in the same manner as the dawn begins with a light that then pervades all of life each day. These are the people who God has inserted into my life; to walk with me and take up residence in my heart. The Oblates – slow and steady at first and then like the tides becoming a part of my breathing in and breathing out. Eugene de Mazenod and his sons and daughters.

    My first Oblate Associate meeting and the day I made my First Commitment as an Oblate Associate and found my place in the Mazenodian Family. All who have walked before me, who journey with me; it is with this family that I find my life with God. And I am filled with joy as the memories blossom like an endless garden.

    Yesterday evening I received the first of two doses of the COVID vaccine from an off-duty paramedic. One of many healthcare workers who spent their day off walking with us on this process. I was overcome with gratitude for their care of us. And I cried when I got home as I realized the depth of love and life that God continues to lavish upon me and all whom I meet. A milestone for sure.

    Gratitude and joy for each of the milestones and memories that are ever present to me.

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