Handed on to his Apostles by Jesus, this word has lost none of its power in the course of the ages. We have experienced the fact that because it issued from the mouth of him who is himself eternal life, it is always spirit and life.”

Eugene de Mazenod, Pastoral Letter 1844

Today we can understand in a deeper way the experience of the disciples locked in the upper room because they were afraid. The risen Jesus appeared to them and opened their minds to his presence in the Scriptures. Let us invite the Risen Jesus to penetrate the walls of our “upper room” today and give him time to open our minds to understand how present he is whenever we read the Word of God.

Our OMI Rule of Life, totally impregnated by the spirit of St Eugene can be applied to every disciple today:

The Word of God nourishes our spiritual life and apostolate. We will not only study it diligently but also develop a listening heart, so that we may come to a deeper knowledge of the Saviour whom we love and wish to reveal to the world. This immersion in God’s Word will enable us to understand better the events of history in the light of faith. (OMI Constitutions and Rules, C.33)

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    This morning I need the Risen Jesus to penetrate the walls of my “upper room” and allow him to open my mind. I need to him to penetrate the walls of fear that have once again grown up around me, encasing me like a nasty weed that looks for cracks in the foundation to cling to and so cover the face of my walls, hiding me within. The many small fears that can so easily grow out of proportion amidst this pandemic, becoming overwhelming. The fears of not believing I am ‘enough’…, that I am not able to…, etc.
    I look at what Frank has written and whisper a “yes but…”.

    I take a big breath, and then another, and still another… I not only need but want to realise and experience how present Jesus is with me at this moment. “Peace be with you.” And so, I sit with him who is my Beloved, who is my Lord and Master, who is my all. Still, I need to stop and take another breath.

    I need to ask God for help, I need to ask others for help. Why is that so difficult?

    There is within each of us, a need to do more than just survive, to be more than just a passive pawn on the ocean of life. There is within us, within me a desire to “live life to it’s fullest”, to be an active part of that living. I want to hear “Peace be with you.” I want to experience and sing “…be not afraid, I go before you always. Come follow me and I will give you rest.”

    I go back to the beginning so to speak. “We achieve unity in our life only in and through Jesus Christ. …each act in life is an occasion for personal encounter with the Lord, who through us gives himself to others and through others gives himself to us.” (C 31)

    Only now is there a sense of calmness within me – this will be my starting point for the day…

  2. Glenn Zimmer says:

    Thanks so very much for these Resurrection-Seasoned insights, Eleanor. Your words are very much my own. Thanks, Frank, for these always rich columns – every day I am inspired and motivated from what you write.

    Easter Gratefulness,
    Glenn Zimmer, OMI
    Qu’Appelle House of Prayer
    OMI Lacombe Canada

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