The remedy to the tragic situation of the Church – and specifically to the harm done by the “laziness, indifference and corruption among the priests” – proposed by Eugene is that of the good example of the priests. “Example is leadership,” said Albert Schweitzer – and it was difficult to find anyone more convinced of this than Eugene himself.

We recognize the familiar foundational themes that he constantly came back to: in the footsteps of the apostles, “be” in order to “do”, “all for God” etc.:

The achieving of this end will require the forming of apostles, who, after having become convinced of the necessity of their own reform: “take care about what you do,”should work with all their strength to convert others:

”Take great care about what you do and what you teach and thus you will save both yourself and those who listen to you” (I Timothy 4:16).
And as we have seen that the real source of the evil is the indifference, the avarice and corruption of the priests, once these abuses will have been reformed, the others will cease as well.

1818 Rule, Part One, Chapter One. The ends of the Institute, §3. Nota Bene.
Missions, 78 (1951) p. 15

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    There is a small moment of delight this morning as I notice Eugene’s use and inclusion of scriptures – I love that about him and wish that I knew enough to do the same. He leads me.

    I look at the persons in my life who I tend to gravitate to, who I love and know and wish to be like – who I want to follow: they are true leaders – they have surrendered themselves and made their oblations to God through and in the Church, to and with each other. They have been called, chosen and sent and in that they have immense joy just as did Paul when he was in prison. They draw us to them and inspire us to walk with them.

    Not excluding any I focus more closely on my beloved Mazenodian Family and those who make up the many intersecting communities within my life – big and small and for a moment I am so humbled for they lead me with and in their daily lives. I see how they “love” and find myself wanting to live and move and be as they are and do. I look at the picture again and the delight is mixed with gratitude for even here this morning with all of you who come here daily to “be” – together we lead each other in the many moments of our daily life.

    Nota Bene: we are united as one when we enter into communion with each other and this too becomes an example of our leadership with and among each other.

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