As these refections will pause for the month of December, I wish each of you a Happy Feastday for December 8, a fruitful Advent and all the blessings of Christmas.

We ask Mary Immaculate to accompany us :

Mary Immaculate is patroness of our Congregation. Open to the Spirit, she consecrated herself totally as lowly handmaid to the person and work of the Savior.

She received Christ in order to share him with all the world, whose hope he is. In her, we recognize the model of the Church’s faith and of our own.

We shall always look on her as our mother.
In the joys and sorrows of our missionary life, we feel close to her who is the Mother of Mercy.
Wherever our ministry takes us, we will strive to instil genuine devotion to the Immaculate Virgin who prefigures God’s final victory over all evil.

OMI Rule of Life,  CC&RR Constitution 10


I encourage you to consult the OMIWORLD website for some daily reflections: https://www.omiworld.org/daily-inspirations/ 

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    “She received Christ in order to share him with all the world…” These words jump out and off of the screen as I read them – twice. I read them and then stop and simply sit with them for a while; as if they are the most costly and precious of tea leaves that infuse the liquid being poured over them. I want to steep myself in them.

    Mary’s ‘fiat’, her oblation – the proclamation of her very being. She received Christ in order to give him to all generations. “Let it be done unto me…” A purity of spirit that eclipses all else. She “who prefigures God’s final victory over all evil.”

    I sit in wonder and gratitude. I realise I am silently saying the English translation of the Salve Regina – I did not really know that I knew so intimately the words in English.

    How do I receive Christ in my life? Is it to try and grab ‘as much as I can get’ and then hide it away to keep it safe? But then it would simply wither and die. To find something so precious, that my very being exists for and then to have to share it, give it all away. Mary, like any mother, knew that was the only way to keep it and become steeped in it. The secret of love – to be able to hold it and keep it alive, thriving, growing…

    I want suddenly to ‘model’ myself on her, the Mother of God, the Mother of us all. It’s much more than just saying the word for it has become alive within me. I begin to sing the Magnificat. What a most wonderful and most perfect way to begin Advent and to prepare and wait for Christmas.

  2. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Two separate thoughts. I take this time to thank you Frank, for all that you give to us, for how you lead us into our days. Gift beyond measure.

    I wish you and all who come here a joy-filled Feast Day, a full and inspiring Advent and a joyous and blessed Christmas. I hold each of you in my heart even though I do not know your names. I look forward to returning meeting here in the New Year.

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