Eugene, in writing to Fr. Mille and the scholastics in Switzerland, stressed that all study needs to bring the student to an encounter with God.

But never forget that it is for God you are working, that the glory of his holy name is at stake. That the Church expects this service from you.
It means you must supernaturalise your studies, sanctify them by the integrity of your intention, leaving all self-love aside, not seeking yourself in anything; in this way, profane authors have the same capacity to lift your thoughts to God as do the Fathers of the Church.

Letter to Jean Baptiste Mille, 3 January 1831, EO VIII n 377

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    A few years ago I went to Montreal to spend a few days ‘praying and reflecting’ on “The Illuminated Crowd” sculpture. I sat with it for almost three full days and on the last day I went on-line to actually read about it. The articles I found described it as a group of people reacting/responding to a great event, an immense work of nature, a large light and I was a little stunned for even in going there I thought it was all about a crowd of people reacting and responding to a great light – God. For me sitting with that crowd of people for a few days – seeing how they responded to God. At first I found family and friends in those sculpted figures and then I found myself. But all of it was in and around God.

    It had been an Oblate that first told me about this statue during a retreat that I was attending.

    This sculpture was not in a church, it was not an icon or a statue. It perhaps said something about my attitude, about the lens that I was looking through as I was there. It was not profane in any way, but it most certainly lifted my thoughts to God every bit as much as do the statues and icons that we find in our churches.

    • franksantucci says:

      Thank you, Eleanor! Your reflection underlines exactly what Eugene taught us: to see the world through the eyes of our Crucified Savior.
      Thank you for inspiring and encouraging us each day through your honest and courageous reflections. You bring light to me, and to many others around the world. Thank you for your ministry!

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