More instructions to Fr. Tempier for his visitation. Father Albini was a seminary professor and was sent to take a break in the country during the summer. This was as much to give him physical rest as to give him a break from Father Mie, his over-zealous co-worker who seemingly did not know how to rest and was always on the move.

I believe you have settled Fr. Albini out in the country, this being not only beneficial to his health but also a good way to spare him the company of Fr. Mie who would drive him mad.

A touch of realism, and humor, as Eugene speaks about the house in Aix.

Have no concern for the moment, if the cloister is violated by mother’s cook; there is a major reason to put up with her, that is, she has to teach Bro. Gibert to prepare meals; advise him to behave in a suitable manner towards her.

Letter to Henri Tempier, 16 July 1829, EO VII n 333

Mother’s cook must have been quite formidable and made her presence felt in the house! Poor Brother Gibert is advised to keep calm and not over-react!

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2 Responses to A TOUCH OF REALISM

  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    This touch of realism today brings about a few giggles. What a wonderful thing for Eugene to suggest for Fr. Albini. I am sure there is a little bit of Father Mie in many of us. There has been in me and I am happy that I have slowed down, calmed down as the years progressed. A touch of realism though – it is always easier to see it first in another before being able to settle eyes on myself and my own behaviour.

    I love the notes about his mother’s cook ‘invading’ their house in Aix to teach Brother Gibert how to prepare meals. This past weekend I saw the movie “Hidden Figures”; the story of black women who did the ‘computing’ of the numbers for NASA’s first manned flight into space. There were three main female characters in the story line and each of them seemed to invade the men’s world – only because they had the talents and gifts needed to make the flights successful. These women were treated differently not only because of their gender but also the colour of their skin. A few of the ‘smart’ men in that program could have used the kind of advice that was given to Br. Gibert. The women, well just like Eugene’s mother’s cook – they were doing their job, being the best they could be with the gifts given to them and being able to realise their dreams.

  2. Jack Lau says:

    Dear Frank and all. I do hope you had an enjoyable “Foundation Day”. As is the tradition at the Novitiate in Godfrey Illinois we gather around a wood planked table and retold the story. We started at 18hrs and we finished at 21:35hrs. A great time for community to unfold. And yes an enjoyable dinner with Nicois Style Chicken and BBQ goat north african style.
    Well as I read the text, I feel for Br. Gilbert. I will leave it at that.
    Thanks again to you Frank and all.

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