Eugene clarifies that even though Bruno Guigues was the diocesan bishop, he was living the Oblate charism and was to rely on this identity and spirituality to fulfil his new role.

The diocese which has been confided to you and the people who will form your flock, far from turning you away from your vocation, on the contrary establish you therein in a more perfect manner. You can well say now that you are by divine right the first missionary of this vast country of which you are the pastor. You are wholly by nature the superior of the missionaries who work under your direction; you are the chief who marches at their head. Were I in your position, I would change nothing in my habits, nor in my relations with those who are your brothers by vocation and your collaborators in the great work of the conversion of souls… Your missionaries and you then form but one and the same family, having only the same views, the same interests.

Letter to Bp Bruno Guigues, 26 September 1848, EO I n 103


There is an expression used in many countries that always applies. For example: “You can take a person out of Italy, but you can never take Italy out of that person.” This is the message of Eugene to the members of his religious family: “once you have embraced the charism that God has given you through my instrumentality, it always remains in you.”
With gratitude for all that St Eugene gives us today, let us live our particular vocations fully with that focus.

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