Today I ordained good Father Dorey. On this same day, some 22 years ago, one of our men entered into glory. Father Dorey is worthy to replace him here below. He has just obliged me to stop my letter by a short visit of thanks.

Letter to Fr. Joseph Arnoux, 20 August 1848, EO X n 985

Yvon Beaudoin tells us more about young Father Eugene Dorey

“He was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop de Mazenod on August 20, 1848. The day after his ordination, he was appointed master of novices at Nancy, a novitiate opened the preceding year during a vocation recruitment tour conducted by Father Léonard Baveux. In an August 22, 1848 letter, Bishop de Mazenod presented Father Dorey to Father Dassy in these terms: “I am sending Father Dorey to Nancy. He is a distinguished young man. He will replace Father Santoni in his function as Master of Novices. He made his apprenticeship at l’Osier and will spend some time with Father Santoni who will complete his formation. […] Father Dorey makes up for his youth in the priesthood with a great spiritual maturity, very good judgment and an exemplary piety.” (Letters to the Oblates of France, 1843 to 1849, Oblate Writings I, vol. 10, no. 986, p. 232) Father Dorey remained Novice Master until the closure of the novitiate at the beginning of 1850. Father Dassy who usually saw only the faults of the Oblates in his community never ceased praising the qualities and the virtues of the Master of Novices.” (https://www.omiworld.org/lemma/dorey-eugene/)


“Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. People are just people, and all people have faults and shortcomings, but all of us are born with a basic goodness.” (Anne Frank)

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Lay Oblate Associate says:

    I share a small secret with you this morning: whenever I am introduced to an Oblate that Eugene speaks about I go to the Historical Dictionary to meet him personally.

    Here we have another Oblate who may not have made the daily news, but who had a tremendous effect on his Superiors, his brothers and those he served throughout his short life. “The example of the virtues he practiced will be the most precious heritage that he has left us.” (Fr. Conrard, March 16 1955)

    I am reminded of the vow of Obedience which when lived with the other three vows – in the ordinary of our lives, grants us the grace of freedom to become who we have been created to be. It is in the small and ordinary of our daily lives that we become extraordinary. It is not just the great and canonized saints, nor the unknown angels that we walk with, but all those who walk with us, each sharing the light that has been given to them.

    Today I give thanks to God for planting me in the midst of the Oblate Family and who have shared their light with me and allow me to share mine with them.

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