SATURDAY III LENT: There is a secret to be loved, it is to love

“For it is love that I desire, not sacrifice…” (Hos. 6:6)

“There is a secret to be loved, it is to love. Also, for the Basotho, the Matebele, even the unbelievers, in seeing them we can ask ourselves what to do to convert them? The answer is on every page of the Gospel: we must love them, love them in spite of everything, love them always. The good God has wanted that we do good to a person in loving that person. The world belongs to the person who loves it most and proves it.

 Blessed Joseph Gerard OMI  (see


Lord, like St. Teresa of Calcutta says, may I be “a little pencil in the hand of a writing God Who is sending a love letter to the world.”

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Lay Oblate says:

    A small moment of awareness this morning as I come in to this place that has been born out of love. I read the line from Hosea with a small smile of quiet delight. We do not always recognize the sacrifice that is born out of love, simply because it is in the midst of love

    The delight comes with this meeting up again with Blessed Joseph Gerard for long has he held a special place in my heart, for how he loved and loved… In his lifetime he did not get to witness many conversions and baptisms, yet he gave his whole life over to loving the peoples of Basotho and beyond. It was only in his death that the power of his great love was realized.

    The image offered by St. Theresa of Calcutta is so incredibly beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. I think that I have met and known many of God’s little pencils.

    Use me Lord, allow me the gift of being able to serve in and with and through the love you have lavished upon me. Then will you be recognized as the creator of the secret to be loved…

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