Our Founder always considered himself the father of his religious family. In the closing words of the official missioning of the Oblates to Oregon, we see his fatherly concern:

Go forth, beloved sons, you and your companions chosen by us, to the task entrusted to you, so that in these distant regions of the earth which have been assigned to you, you may always work to promote the glory of God and the salvation of souls. May the Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, our most loving Mother, keep you constantly under her protection. May the angels of God assist you. On our part we will never cease to implore for you an abundant shower of graces.

Mandate of the Superior General sending the Oblates to the new mission of Oregon, 22 January 1847, EO I n 78


“A mission statement is not something you write overnight… But fundamentally, your mission statement becomes your constitution, the solid expression of your vision and values. It becomes the criterion by which you measure everything else in your life.”  (Stephen Covey)

Let us pray that we may be witnesses of Christ wherever we find ourselves. May the Spirit inspire each of us to offer the necessary word and action, at the right time and in the best possible way.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Lay Oblate says:

    Eugene speaks to each one of us who are members of the Mazenodian/Oblate Family. Last night some of us were able to join in a zoom prayer gathering, to celebrate and give thanks to all who “devote their lives to the Lord”, not just as consecrated religious but also consecrated laity. Thanking God we dared to ask for more to walk with us. “…on our part we will never case to implore for you an abundant shower of graces” which most surely we continue to experience.

    Listening to Stephen Covey’s statement of the criterion we use to measure our lives I cannot help but think of the first 10 Constitutions and Rules titled “Mission” which are a part of our living Rule of Life – the incarnated expression of the charism shared amongst all of us in this family which expresses so beautifully the image of our hearts and who we are.

    Our mission statement: “Our call, to live Christ Jesus in apostolic community. To live Christ Jesus crucified, among the most abandoned. In the Church, proclaiming the Word, with daring humility and trust – as prophets of the new world, with Mary Immaculate.”

    Lord grant us the grace to always see you before us in all who we meet, rich or poor. Continue to nourish and inspire us in such a way that we grow and become fruitful.

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