The “Eugene de Mazenod speaks to us” blog began in May 2010 and with it came a free service offered by Google to subscribe to an email version of the daily reflections. Several hundred people did this. Many have been contacting me to find out how to continue this. and hence this response.

Unfortunately Google has since discontinued this service and we are no longer able to avail ourselves of a provider to send out emails. There are commercial services available to do this at a high cost – but as there is no income attached to the blog there is no possibility of availing ourselves of these.

Each day it appears in English, French, Spanish and Polish on the relevant site.  I also publish it on Facebook and Twitter, and the OMIWORLD site carries it each day. In each case you have to go to the site to access it.

Despite the effort involved in accessing “St Eugene Speaks,” A BIG THANK YOU to the readers who do follow it regularly. A lot of work goes into each entry, and I hope that some find it as beneficial as I do.

I also would like to point out that Oblate Associate, Eleanor Rabnett, responds each day with a personal reflection that is always well worth reading. Some have said that they prefer Eleanor’s handling of the topic to mine! I am delighted that we can all participate in making St Eugene better known and loved so as to learn from him how to live our relationship with our Savior as his co-operators in bringing the Gospel to those who need it most.

Frank Santucci OMI

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  1. Mary Jo Quinn says:

    Blessings to you Father Frank for your commitment to producing this blog. I can still access through OMIWorld.
    The reflection is always so revealing to the Divine Providence infusion into St. Eugene’s life.
    God bless, Mary Jo

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