On August 1 we will begin to journey again with the writings of Saint Eugene. Our journey began on May 1, 2010 and in the subsequent 12 years, over 2700 entries have been published in English, and translated into French, Spanish and Polish.
Each of the reflections is still available on the website – a treasure-chest of material to invite us to encounter Saint Eugene in the often-flawed humanity that God used to make him a saint, his charism, his mission and spirituality. This is the reason why I produce the daily reflection.

      • You can consult these through the “Archives” section on the main page.
      • Better still, put in a word or concept in the “Search” label at the top of the main page, and all the published texts with that word or theme will appear.
      • Through the search engine you can also find that over the years I have explored themes (e.g. our foundation, the bicentenary, the Youth Association, the 1818 Rule to mention just a few)

More important than having access to the material is to allow the words of Eugene to guide you in your own daily life. Sure, they were written between 206 and 161 years ago in a world totally different from our own – but human nature has not changed that much, and the heart of what he is saying remains relevant to any disciple today, lay or religious. So, I invite you to apply his words to your own situation.
Finally, if you are still one of the lucky ones who receives this material by email, then please occasionally go to the website itself ( because the email does not always reproduce any pictures I may have used. There also is the possibility to read some of the responses to what has been written.

    • Unfortunately, the Feedburner provider has stopped this free service of enrolling any new members in the email list. There are alternatives which require the payment of a heavy annual subscription which is beyond the means  of “St Eugene Speaks”.
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Finally, my gratitude to all who have been loyal readers and supporters of this service – it is a labor of love which I hope that many find beneficial.

Frank Santucci OMI
Kusenberger Chair of Oblate Studies.
Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio TX


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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Thank You Frank – I am looking forward to the upcoming days – it is good that Eugene has returned from his break and will now continue speaking to us…

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