Do I rejoice and give thanks for the successes of others?

Another example of the Founder’s joy at the missionary zeal and achievements of his Oblate family.

I have received most satisfactory news from the Penzance mission in England. That mission is expanding to all the surrounding towns which are receiving the missionaries with a sort of eagerness. Fr. Daly writes that conversions are multiplying and adds that if he could construct chapels he would render the temples deserted as in Penzance. In that city the school is filling up and the Protestants have no misgivings about sending their children who are thereby being disposed to become Catholics. I am obliged to send out a new missionary as of next spring to assist those who are exhausting themselves due to the excessive amount of work.

Letter to the President of the Council of the Missionary Society of Propagation of the Faith in Lyon, 6 February 1845, EO V n 91

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Lay Oblate says:

    Yesterday afternoon I spent time online and looking for more information from OMIWorld about the seven lay persons who had presented to the General Chapter on Saturday. Every picture showed the joy I have come to know within the Oblate Family being shared among themselves and with the greater family around the world.

    Who could not rejoice with them as they carried all of us with them to the General Chapter? Who could not give thanks to God for them being a part of our family, our greater community and for the work that they did in preparing, in listening, in praying with and then sharing on our behalf? I truly believe that the Spirit took the lead in choosing who would represent us, and speak for us.

    Among the pictures of them preparing and then presenting to the Oblate delegates there was a picture of the Oblates standing and applauding, and there was joy and probably gratitude for what they had they had received. I can only image St. Eugene looking down on all of them and rejoicing and giving thanks for his many sons and daughters.

    I have not always been able to rejoice and give thanks for the success of others; but love has healed many wounds in my heart and continues that great work.

    I dare to state that if we see through the eyes of the Beloved, through our crucified Saviour, we will be seeing through eyes of love: we would have to work very hard in order not to rejoice in the goodness and beauty of others around us. Another strand of the DNA of love: to rejoice in and give thanks for the other and their successes.

    “Remind them that I die happy…” Eugene’s words to be passed on to his family to his sons as he prepared and carried for his own death. He celebrated and rejoiced in his sons and daughters, and in all who touch.

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