Eugene de Mazenod is the saint who has brought us together. We are associated to his spirituality, charism and mission. We now invite you to come to know him better.

Fathers David Muñoz, Bonga Thami and I have prepared a series of 20 minute videos (in English, Spanish, French and Italian) which we call “Eugene 101.” Each session comes with some reflection questions that can be used for individual prayer and for groups.


The lessons are available until June 2021. For more details and registration, please see: https://moodle.ost.edu/course/index.php?categoryid=28


The titles of each session are:

1/ A life shaped by the social and political history of France (1782 – 1861)

2/ A privileged childhood radically changed by the political upheaval of the French Revolution

3/ A migrant exiled from his own country and culture for eleven years

4/ The discovery by a directionless young man of the Crucified Christ as his Savior

5/ A vocation to be a cooperator of the Savior as a priest

6/ Eugene de Mazenod’s option for the most abandoned

7/ The poor, a precious portion of the Christian family, cannot be abandoned to their ignorance

8/ Eugene de Mazenod, icon of God’s love: a discernment towards apostolic community

9/ You are necessary for the work that the Lord inspires us to undertake (foundation of the Missionaries)

10/ Missions: close to God and close to the people

11/ Sustained by the unreserved gift we make of ourselves in our oblation

12/ In the joys and sorrows of our life, we feel close to Mary.

13/ The dark night of Eugene’s personal sufferings

14/ “A fire into many flames divided, yet never dimmed by sharing of its light” – Missions outside of France part 1

15/ A family affair – missions outside of France part 2

16/ Pastor of a diocese not inhabited by saints – Eugene and the Diocese of Marseilles – part 1

17/ Close to his people: the Bishop of Marseilles – part 2

18/ Tell them that I die happy

19/ His spirit continues to live always in the heart of his children

20/ The spirituality of St. Eugene lived in the Mazenodian family


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