Dear Reader,
Since May 2010, there have been 2185 entries in English on this site. Each of these has been translated into Spanish, French and Polish. Dedicating an hour a day each weekday to make this possible has become an integral part of my life. Why?

1/ To invite you to know Saint Eugene de Mazenod through his writings

I have been presenting his writings in chronological order with a brief commentary. Admittedly, the commentary is personal, but I hope that some find it helpful

2/ To be able to search for specific words and concepts online

By using the search engine on the homepage ( ) you are able to find specific words and concepts in these writings.

3/ To offer you the opportunity to reflect on your personal faith journey

Eugene was a very imperfect person with many faults. Because of these, and despite these, he worked at getting to know Jesus Christ more deeply each day and struggled to be a disciple and an evangelizer. He was indeed a “wounded healer” whom God used as an instrument. Eugene was not born a saint, yet he became one. His writings can help us in our own struggle.

4/ To make Eugene’s message of Jesus Christ as Savior and Evangelizer available to as many people as possible.

The writings are presented in chronological order. Consequently, not all the reflections appeal to everyone at the same time. I am conscious of this, but when the particular theme does not say anything to you, there are 2185 previous entries that you can browse through to find one that appeals more to you.


We are currently exploring a selection of his writings of 1837. Eugene had been Superior General of the Oblates since 1816 and his letters reflect his concern for and guidance of the Missionaries. In 1837 he was appointed Bishop of Marseilles and began to write a personal diary in which he reflects on his activities on both roles on a daily basis.

The first one to benefit from these daily reflections is myself. I hope that by my sharing them you will also find some benefit.

Frank Santucci OMI

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    It is in coming to know others that I come to know myself. In coming to know Eugene and the Oblates, indeed all of the Mazenodian Family my life-journey is an ever-deepening intimate relationship within the heart of Jesus. That sounds so pious but nevertheless it is true.

    When I was first introduced to Eugene it was through one of his sons and my life has never been quite the same from that moment on. Along the way I was introduced to this space where I listened to God speak to me through the words of Eugene himself; eventually being led, inspired to commit myself to spending an hour here at the start of my day. I did it for a year and it is now a part of me in that same way that I breathe. And slowly I have dared to respond and share how I am led.

    This is part of my daily life, my daily bread as I often think of it. It has not affected other places and people which God uses to guide me – rather my heart and my days are enhanced and enriched.

    I have often wished that others who come to this space to reflect could share their hearts’ responses in their own getting to know and follow Eugene – only because I then I would come to know them and the beauty of their hearts that is shared outward. It is through each other that we learn who we are.

    Time does not allow me to share completely how I am blessed, inspired and renewed each morning in being able to some here and listen to Eugene speaking to me. I can only hope there are others who are touched as I am and that they are able to share that in their daily lives – in not only in what they do but in who they are.

    Thank you Frank for this daily invitation to share in the journey.

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