The formula used by Eugene was:

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the Angels and all the Saints, all my brothers here assembled, I, Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod, profess, promise to God and vow perpetual chastity and obedience; I swear and likewise vow to persevere until death in the holy institute and society of the Missionaries known as Missionaries of Provence. So help me God.
Eugene de Mazenod missionary priest

Oblation formula, 1 November 1818, EO XV, n.149

What today’s Oblate Rule of Life says about the first commitment of the novices, is a direct application of the sentiment of the first commitment of Eugene and his companions in 1818.

Novitiate formation ends with a free and faith-filled commitment in the Oblate Congregation. The novice, having experienced the Father’s love in Jesus, dedicates his life to making that love visible. He entrusts his fidelity to the one whose cross he shares, whose promises are his hope.

CC&RR Constitution 59


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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    The title suggests Eugene made his commitment through vows – specific and beautiful. I focus on how this touches, enters into and takes up residence within my heart.

    I love the expressions from Constitution 59 for they are open, inviting and there is a tenderness there. “…having experienced the father’s love in Jesus dedicates his life to making that love visible.” Oblation, surrender, evangelization – are but a few of the words that rise from my heart.

    “He entrusts his fidelity to the one whose cross he shares, whose promises are his hope.” The image is one of surrender, abandoning oneself to a love which comes from the other – there is the sense of a gift and with the cross a sacrifice – to Jesus – to the Father and the Spirit – separate but one. I think of how I cherish all of this.
    Constitution 59 applying to the novice yet not exclusive in the sense that it touches so many of us, resonating within our hearts, within my heart. The invitation is unmistakable to me and I glance at my copy of this cherished Rule of Life. I thank God yet again for the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, for God leading me to them and for their generosity of heart in sharing that which is a part of their hearts, their way of being.

    I celebrate all of this, and I give thanks for all of this as I look at how the Mazenodian Family has come into being in the past two hundred years. Yesterday I learned or was reminded of Eugene’s love of the Communion of Saints – he ‘chose’ the Feast of All Saints on which to make their first vows. I look with excited anticipation to celebrating that on November 1st – Oblation Day.

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