The examples abound in all the missions. In the Marignane narrative Eugene gave some examples of the usefulness of the method of seeking out the abandoned so as to bring them to the Saviour:

After the Masses, the visits resumed. They were just as consoling as the evening before, and we were confirmed in the opinion we had formed of their great usefulness. We again came across a case of concubinage that we hope to bring to an end soon but which without this visit would have gone on for a long time still.
We also came across a man who, seven years age, became totally deaf and cannot even hear a canon going off. This man, on account of being unable to hear, had lapsed from the Church. We judged from his way of talking that he very much wanted to receive the sacraments, and we conveyed this to him by signs. Before losing his hearing, he had had excellent priests as directors; he is sufficiently instructed, had clarity of mind, very pious dispositions. When we showed him the crucifix, he threw himself upon it to kiss it joyfully.

Diary of the Marignane Mission, 19 November 1816, O.W. XVI

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Close to the people by visiting their homes! Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – a day celebrated by the Church but in particular by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. A big day for all the members of the Mazenodian Family.

    I awoke still feeling tired, my head filled with a cold bug and generally feeling a little disoriented. I opened Facebook and came across a live video from the Oblate General House in Rome – it was of the Feast Day Mass and so I sat and joined in – in spirit I joined in and was happy for here were some of my dearly loved Oblates joining me in my home. True they seemed to be speaking Italian but I recognized all of it and was able to join in English. And together we sang Salve Regina.

    I then sat for awhile in that space – softly singing the Magnifcat (Holy is Your Name by David Haas) and then peacefully went to the OST site to pick up the daily Advent Meditation for today. (These short daily meditations are most powerful and I love them as a way to begin my day in the light they offer.) There it was – a meditation focused on today’s feast in the midst of Advent. Written by Frank, the author of this place of prayer and meditation. Once again the Oblates have come to me and entered my home where I live.

    My soul is filled with joy as I sing to God my Saviour; for you have looked upon your servant, you have visited your people. And Holy is your name, through all generations! Everlasting is your mercy to the people you have chosen, and Holy is your name.

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