Chosen from on high to represent throughout the earth the Sovereign Pastor of souls, he sees the militant Church ceaselessly obliged to bear the brunt of terrible attacks and sustain rude combats. He feels all the anguish of the spouse of Jesus Christ. His heart is struck by all the blows directed against her and torn by all the wounds that she receives. His head bears the crown of thorns of the divine Savior under the tiara of the Pontiff King. And like Jesus Christ from the height of the cross, his Vicar from the height of the throne of the Prince of the Apostles gives forth a great cry to the world.

Circular Letter of Bishop Eugene de Mazenod to the people of Marseilles,
12 June 1847, EO III circular letter 3.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Yesterday afternoon, watching and waiting with millions around the world to hear a name, to catch the glimpse of a face. God. who are you giving us? And then he appeared, a man just like every other man who stood still and straight, certainly not waving his arms and fists in the air, no “V” for victory, indeed for awhile, no smile on his face. He seemed to stand there looking out upon all of the faces he had accepted to serve. Pope Francis I – who then before blessing us asked that we bless him. A man of God, a man of humility, a man of the people, a man who loves the poor, a man who believes in serving, a man of daring and a man of great courage. After I blessed myself I gave thanks.

    Eugene himself, certainly a life of service and leadership was no stranger to him. He bore the brunt of heavy loads, of serving with total life, of giving and giving. He knew more than any of us the courage and daring it took. Eugene was never Pope, but he certainly new what it meant to give his life to the Church, to serve his community with everything he had. He drew on all that God had given him, just as will our new Pope.

    I don’t know what the future will bring. I find myself surprised at my own willingness to accept this man who is the new leader of the Church, without being cynical or angry or hopeless. I do not expect, or even ask for huge or instant miracles that will change the face of our Church, the hierarchy and structure. I must remember to not expect him to know what my agenda for the church will be (sort of like trying to tell God what his agenda for the world should or could be). I awoke this morning singing “…let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord…” Thank you Lord for giving us Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis I. Give him the grace that he will most surely need as he serves and leads us. Amen

  2. Thank you for the wonderful work which you are doing in Jesus Name, have gone through website and totally touched with it and motivated with the good work you perform. I love to work with you from my country Kenya and all Global wide. Let God is will be done

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