Twenty days later it was time for thirteen more Oblates to hear their names shouted from a loudspeaker. On November 28, 1936, they were taken from their jail and led to Paracuellos de Jarama where they were executed. They were:

Oblate priest, Provincial Superior

48 years old

We know that you are killing us because we are Catholics and Religious. We are! Both I and my companions forgive you.”

Oblate priest. Superior of the Oblate Community of Pozuelo.

54 years old

A man of prayer whom everyone knew as the “saintly Father Blanco”
Oblate religious with the vocation to Brotherhood

53 years old

He spent his youth in various Oblate communities in France.
Excellent cook, always helpful, self-sacrificing and pious
Newly-ordained Oblate priest

24 years old

“I’ve always been deeply moved by stories of martyrdom. When I read them, I am overpowered by a secret desire to suffer the same fate. That would be the greatest priesthood to which all of us Christians could aspire: to give each one’s own body and blood as a holocaust for the faith. What an honor, to die as a martyr!”
These are the words written to his family as he was preparing for his ordination in June 1936
Oblate Religious who was about to be ordained a priest

24 years old

“He had a great missionary enthusiasm, which spread to his companions.”
Oblate religious in perpetual vows – ordained sub-deacon

26 years old

"Holiness does not have to be in conflict with joy"
Oblate religious with the vocation to Brotherhood

26 years old

Busy with multiple chores, hardworking and gentle with everyone.
Devoted to praying the Rosary.
Oblate religious in perpetual vows

24 years old

Writing to his mother: “It is God who wants it, mama; do not be sad and don’t make me sad. Be generous and give back to God the one who was His before being yours.” In the novitiate, he gave her is junior’s cross, telling her: “Kiss it often and, come what may, remember that everything we suffer for Him, as much as it seems, will be very little compared to how He loves us and suffered for us.” In saying goodbye to another mother who hid them in her home: “Don’t be sad; I will return, but if something happens or they kill me, remember that I will be with God and will help you.” After his martyrdom, his mother wanted to find traces of her son in the ruins of the prison. His sister says: “Suddenly she began to shout: Here! Here! We went in with her and we saw the wall covered with writing. I could see that in one corner, there were some words that stood out more than others because they were written in red and they said: ‘Mother, they are taking me out to kill me; I am dying for God. Don’t cry: I am going to God. Long live Christ the King!’ and it was signed ‘Publio’.”
Oblate Religious in temporary vows

22 years old

“Young peaceful and friendly, always willing to make available to all his skill with the paint brushes.”
Oblate religious with the vocation to Brotherhood

21 years old

“From childhood he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his brother missionary.
A skilled carpenter, he was always cheerful, helpful and encouraging.”
Oblate Religious in temporary vows

20 years old

Tenacious in cultivating the spiritual and intellectual life.
Good athlete, optimistic and confident, always in good humor.
Oblate Religious in temporary vows

20 years old

“He came into the world to be holy and never lost sight of that goal.
A many with an Intense prayer life, a noble heart, kind, peaceful and a peacemaker.”
Oblate Religious in temporary vows

18 years old

“I asked (my brother Clemente) how he was holding up and he told me: ‘We are in danger and we are afraid they will separate us; we encourage one another. However, if we must die, I am ready and I am sure that God will give us the strength we need to be faithful.’” (Josefa, Sister of the Holy Family of Bordeaux)
You, you alone will be the sole object to which will tend all my affections and my every action. To please you, act for your glory, will be my daily task, the task of every moment of my life. I wish to live only for you, I wish to love you alone and all else in you and through you. I despise riches, I trample honours under foot; you are my all, replacing all else. My God, my love and my all: Deus meus et omnia.

Eugene de Mazenod

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I love this tender prayer said by Eugene. Similar to one that I would say silently every day for quite a few years before meeting Eugene. The joy in hearing the paraphrasing of my hearts song on the lips of another, a saint no less. There was that kind of ‘instant recognition’ of myself in the other, to discover in Eugene, as I had in Paul something akin to my reality.

    I think of how over the years You have raised me in love and it has been You who have taught me to pray. You filled my heart with such a deep burning love and desire for more. You took my hand and brought me to see your Cross, telling me to sit at the foot. You pointed out how I might look out through Your eyes and see all those you love, particularly your poor, in whom I recognized myself. Time and again you called out my name, called my Your beloved, pulled me back when I got turned around and away from You. You embraced me and gave me the world to love, always teaching me, guiding me, showing me the way. You’ve given me Your loved ones, to inspire and teach and support me as I walk, ensuring that I do not feel too alone. Even the nudge, the desire to give all that I am, toute ce que je suis, to You is but another gift of Your love.

    There is a part of my heart, which only You can know, that whispers I too would like to be like those Spanish Martyrs and truly give my life for You. I do not know if I could do that, but if You want it, then take me as You would. It seems though that You are content with me as You have made me. You fill me in every way imaginable, You are with me always, I need only to look up and it is Your face I behold. You are my beginning as You will be my end.

    I dare to borrow the words of Eugene; My God, my love and my all!

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