As the number of young people who belong to the house has increased, clarity and regularity must grow in proportion. 

Apart from the Missionaries, there were now seven young people in the house who had begun the formation process to become Missionaries themselves. They were young, with an average age around 19 to 20, and needed to clarify their ideals and channel their enthusiasm.

This is the time to form the spirit of the house which I have discussed with you in another letter. [ed. refer to entries of August 16-19, 2011 above]
You have to beware of frivolity, of self-sufficiency, indiscipline independence…

Letter to Henri Tempier, 4 November 1817, O.W. VI n. 29

Eugene was convinced that the foundation of the Missionaries of Provence came from God and had a spirit particular to them. Consequently, it was his duty to ensure that all who came to join the Missionaries be clear about and convinced of this particular spirit.

Today the same principle holds true: people join the Mazenodian family because they are attracted by its particular God-given charism, and wish to form part of it.

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