Eugene’s interview with the Minister was polite, but it was clear that the Minister was finding as many reasons as possible to delay asking a hostile parliament to vote on this issue.

There is nothing to do at the moment with the Government. The Minister has convinced himself that we can only be approved by a law. I leave it to you to judge if we should try it! I asked him for an interview which he granted; he received me very well but kept on insisting on his procedure: “Keep on until the opening of Parliament” he told me. On my making the remark that it would be funny to take up the time of both Houses with so small an enterprise as ours, he replied that not a few less important ones would end up there…

Letter to Henri Tempier, 25 July 1817, O.W. VI n. 18

Leflon observes:

These words were actually a polite way of dismissing the case. The Founder was up against the stock juridical answer given to all similar requests and against a system of temporizing he wanted to have done with.

Leflon II p. 62

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