Despite the congregants having their first communion service in their chapel, Eugene ensured that the young person be as fully present to his parish as possible – even to the point of inviting his parish priest to the ceremony. For example:

Master Henrigues de Montvert, when he was about to depart, made known his wish to make his first communion in the bosom of the Congregation. The Reverend Director agreed to this all the more readily as he saw in him the dispositions to do this great deed well. He therefore devoted all his efforts to prepare himself worthily. The Parish Priest of the Madeleine was asked to go to the chapel of the Congregation there to celebrate the holy Mysteries and give communion to Master Henrigues. This ceremony took place at 8 a.m., with all the pomp the circumstance required. The congregants went in the afternoon to the parish of the Madeleine where Master Henrigues came to renew his baptismal promises which the Parish Priest received at the baptismal font. Then they all went to implore the assistance and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary singing before the altar consecrated to her the litanies and the Sub tuum praesidium.

Diary of the Aix Christian Youth Congregation, 9 March 1815, O.W. XVI

Similarly, the diocesan authorities were invited to participate. The quality of the response of the congregants was obvious here and we can appreciate why Eugene went to great lengths to maintain their fervour:

Father Guigou, capitular Vicar General, came to celebrate the holy Mysteries in the chapel of the Congregation. The Reverend Director had invited him to come and give first communion to Master Chappuis1, a zealous congregant who had been fortunate enough and sufficiently adroit to muster some specious reasons to persuade the superiors to allow him not to delay until the time of the general first communion. The way that Master Chappuis prepared himself for this great step persuaded the Rev. Director to rejoice over the success of his initiative which had been inspired mainly by his lively desire to be united the sooner to our beloved Saviour […]

Diary of the Aix Christian Youth Congregation, 2 April 1815, O.W. XVI

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