The need of the villagers was great and Fathers Tempier and Mie did not return to Aix after the mission in Fuveau, but stayed an extra ten days to fulfill their promise to the inhabitants of Gréasque and St-Savournin. These people had made heroic efforts to attend the mission at Fuveau. They travelled a long distance and when they arrived, the church was too small to accommodate all. Henri Tempier generously promised them that some missionaries would come to them after the Fuveau mission.

We have just finished our little mission this evening; the harvest was rich. I can quite assure you that I heard so many confessions during the week that, in order to absolve all these people, I had to spend from eight o’clock Saturday morning, after my Mass, till eight o’clock Sunday morning; that is no exaggeration; I only left the confessional for dinner and supper, taken hastily. Only after having heard confessions all night, did I, this morning, take a half-hour’s rest on my bed, from four thirty to five, which I still regret, since that half hour forces me to leave seven or eight people unattended.
Communion took one hour.

Letter of Henri Tempier to Eugene de Mazenod, October 1816, Oblate Writings II, 2 n.3


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