After the mission, the pastor of Fuveau wrote to the diocesan authorities about the fruits of the mission:

Working people, forced to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow, made the greatest sacrifices to obtain the benefit of hearing the Word of God … Our poor coal miners arranged their work so as to not miss any instruction … Among the fruits produced by this mission, the removal of blasphemy is the most remarkable … The missionaries have behaved with such piety, zeal and charity in the short time of their mission that they have acquired an undying right to the affection to the good people of Fuveau…

Rambert Volume I, p. 244-246

A couple of months later, the pastor wrote to Eugene, inviting the Missionaries to the parish for a return of mission. He wrote that 750 parishioners out of about 1300 had made their Easter duty. Euegene responded:

I was going to leave for Mouriés, very dear Sir, when I received your charming letter of April 25 and all the edifying things you tell me in it about the fervor of your good parishioners was a great source of consolation to me. I bless the Lord for giving you the strength to endure the excessive work that you had to do, and I rejoiced on seeing the ground we cultivated in hands as capable and faithful as yours. That recompense was due to your zeal for the salvation of your flock, all the more so because that was what we had been uniquely striving for; may God grant you the grace to experience that joy for a long time for only the Good Shepherd can measure and evaluate things.
I will do all that depends on me to respond to your invitation: all kinds of reasons attract me to you and your people; I have not at all forgotten your goodness and the value you seemed to place on the devotedness with which we worked for their salvation…

Letter to M. Chabert, parish priest at Fuveau, 23 May 1817, O.W. XIII, n7


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