With his health restored after his prolonged break, Eugene returned to Aix and to the activities of the Missionaries. The season for preaching parish missions was approaching. They were about to set out to the village of Fuveau for their second mission as a community.

We are committed to work in villages for the whole mission season. Particular circumstances oblige us to begin even in advance; indeed we will be setting forth on the first of September.

Usually the village missions took place in the colder months when the villagers were not so busy with their crops. In the case of Fuveau, the circumstances were different because of the around 1500 inhabitants more than half were coal-miners and were not bound to the seasons of the year for their activities.

We are going to preach underground perhaps. Please God that we could make ourselves heard even in hell. I do not joke by saying that since we may be preaching underground; we are going to do this first mission in a region inhabited only by miners who spend their lives in coal pits. I expect we will be obliged to go and unearth them, showing them a light more brilliant than the sun and which will blind them less.

Letter to Forbin Janson, July-August, 1816, O.W. VI n. 13


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