Everything in the mission aimed at bringing the villagers to living in relationship with Christ the Saviour. Preaching, processions, house visits and all other activities aimed at leading the people to this encounter, in a particular way through the sacraments of confession and communion. The Rule was unambiguous on the centrality of confession:

The work begun in the pulpit has to be completed in the tribunal of penance. If grace has touched a soul by the strength of the Word of God, ordinarily it is in the tribunal of penance that grace moulds and justifies it.
Preaching, indeed, has no other end than to lead sinners to the pool of salvation…
It is beyond all doubt that the hearing of confessions is to be preferred to preaching, when there is room for choice, because the private direction and admonition given in the tribunal of penance may in a measure supply the place of instruction and preaching, whereas preaching can never take the place of the sacrament of penance, which was instituted by Christ our Lord for restoring men to the friendship of God.

1818 Rule, Chapter 3, §2

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