“Do not be afraid; go and tell my brothers that they must leave for Galilee; they will see me there.” (Matthew 28, 10)

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The Risen Jesus tells the disciples to go back to Galilee: “They will see me there.” Galilee is where it all began for the disciples, it was the place where they met Jesus, and he entered into their lives.

Today, the Risen Lord tells each of us: “Go back to Galilee – go back to that time when you realized that I was present in your life.”

The Risen Jesus is inviting us to enter into the Galilee of our hearts and lives.

Saint Eugene frequently did this, and he called it recollection. He wanted all those who followed his way of discipleship to do the same, as he wrote in his Rule of 1818:

The whole life of the members of our Society ought to be a life of continual recollection (Art. 1).

To attain this, they will first of all make every effort to walk always in the presence of God, and frequently try to utter short but fervent  spontaneous prayers. (Art.2,)

Eugene and Jesus shared a deep bond of friendship – and a friend always wants to be in the presence of a loved one. His days are filled with moments of recollection – of short bursts of prayer and expressions of love.

During this Easter season, this is what Eugene invites us to do in a special way i n our troubled world.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Think of the awe and wonder that we experienced as children, and the spontaneous bursts of affection for friends and family. How we took delight in small treasures and yet shared them with friends. But as we grew older fear entered into our lives and we allowed our days to become filled with jobs and duties, and every conceivable kind of distraction. Fear of being less than, not good enough, not lovable enough…

    But the betrayal, the crucifixion and Easter reminds us to live as lovers do. Listening to the heartbeat of the Beloved. Speaking without a word. Spending time in the garden with one another… Being the presence of Beloved and resting, working and sitting with. Finding him or her in the sunrise and sunset as he paints ever-changing colours and shapes that fill us with wonder and awe, so beautiful that our breath is taken away from us and we feel moved to tears. See what I have painted for you he/she seems to say. Meeting and recognizing our God in the very ones before us who are suffering and without hope or love.

    As we grow in God’s love a foundation is created within us, a foundation that unable to be shaken or broken. Our hearts are strengthened and we begin to dare and to love – with every fibre of our being and we begin to see through the eyes of our crucified Saviour.

    Fr. Salvador Gonzalez OMI said in his reflection for the Mazenodian Family yesterday: “May our love for all humanity be one that is born from freedom, removes stones, births new life and restores people their dignity as children of God.”

    Frank reminds us that this is what happens when our days are “filled with moments of recollection, of short bursts of prayer and expressions of love.”

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