The instruction of the missionaries did not stop at giving people academic knowledge about the catechism and who Jesus was, but Eugene insisted that they were to teach them that Jesus was their Saviour and aimed at inviting them to conversion:

It is not enough to assemble a lot of people in the church, one must instruct them, one must move them in a manner that they will be converted.

Letter to Jean-Baptiste Honorat, 27 January 1824 in O.W. VI, n. 127

In 1818 Eugene had written these words in his first Rule:

Preaching, indeed, has no other end than to lead sinners to the pool of salvation.

1818 Rule Part 1, Chapter 2, §2

Thirty years later he is found still hammering home the same foundational truth:

Insist on making Jesus Christ known and loved. Speak often of this Divine Saviour and of all he has done to save mankind. Make them resolve never to spend a day without praying.

Letter to Jean Viala, 17 January 1849, O.W. IV n. 4

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