“I tell you most solemnly, everybody who believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life.”   (John 6:47-48)

Today’s Gospel (John 6:44-51) brings together all the themes we have been presented with during these days. The people started with a misunderstanding about bread and Jesus led them step-by-step to the full revelation: they must believe that he is the Bread of Life who gave his life for the life of the world on the Cross.

The Bread that is broken on the Cross for our salvation and the Bread that saves us through eating and becoming fully a part of our lives.

In 1807, Eugene portrayed this conviction to his friend, Emmanuel Gaultier de Claubry, who was being mistreated because he was a Christian:

So do not be at all shaken by the persecutions that come your way, for you know that that is our destiny, the Master having told us that “we will be hated universally on account of his name.(Luke 21:17)” That is why we must look for our joy solely in the various afflictions that befall us and the persecutions to which we are exposed, knowing that the testing of our faith produces patience.(James 1:23) Let us turn to God with fervour and we shall not be deceived, for the Lord’s eyes are on the just and his ears listen to their prayers. 

Pope Francis has invited us to a new focus while enduring difficulties:


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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I think perhaps most if not all have been struggling with this ongoing pandemic. The image I have of that is of one walking with his shoulders bowed over from some great and unrelenting weight; and as he moves he looks only backwards where he has come from and downward to check how deeply his feet are mired in the muck – but never does he look up and forward.

    Yesterday I received a small package in the mail which had come from a place in the US. Cradled in a series of well packed and protected small boxes was a small Kintsugi Egg: a broken eggshell glued back together, painted with colours and the cracks and holes lined and repaired with gold. Fragile and strong at the same time, broken and yet exquistily beautiful. The note that accompanied it said “Eleanor, This made me think of you…” I was filled with delight and gratitude.

    “Let us turn to God with fervour and we shall not be deceived…” Eugene speaking to his friend Emmanuel Gaultier de Claubry and Pope Francis speaking to us of Jesus as our greatest reality. I think of the mana that the Israelites ate in the desert – I am told that it had a bitter taste even while it was food for them. And I look again at what we have today in this world in the midst of an ever changing pandemic and see what our Eucharist is. Our Eucharist that comes from the Word of God, through others as we look and see Jesus alive in and with them. A new orbit so to speak and the view becomes different.

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