Since divine Providence has called on us to restore to honour the devotion to Our Lady of Lumières, we must fulfil our mission in its entirety…
As today is the beautiful feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I did not want to let it pass without consecrating to him the house, our foundation and the community that is to serve the shrine and exercise the holy ministry of missions in the diocese…

He narrated how they exposed the Blessed Sacrament and then did their daily oraison prayer in communion with all the Oblates throughout France.

Then we stayed on for a half-hour oraison. I think these were precious moments. We may have been quite alone in the presence of our divine Master, but we were prostrate at his feet to place our persons, our society, its ministry, its works, the house we had just taken possession of, under his powerful protection; we asked that he alone rule over us, that he be our father, light, help, counsel, support, our all. We were calling down his blessings on ourselves and our Congregation that we were representing with all the more fervour because we were few in number.

 Eugene de Mazenod’s Diary, 2 June 1837, EO XVIII

Today the Mazenodian Family continues this practice of oraison – of praying in communion with others.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I am struck with the words “our Congregation that we were representing” as if I have never heard them before. There is for a moment a new sense of what this ‘oraison’ is. As with any other experience of our Beloved mere words do not quite describe it.

    It seems to move from being a personal experience into the realm of ‘we’. I think of how we will come together in silent prayer quite intentionally on the 16th. I think of how we will bring with us, how we will carry each other in our hearts; all those in our Mazenodian Family and further, for we will hold also all those we minister with and to. That which is deepest within us, cherished and intimate will be shared and I am struck with the wonder and mystery of it all.

    Perhaps this can only be experienced within the heart of our God, our Beloved; to try and reflect on this is to experience a touch of wonder.

    I do not have the words to express this universal intimacy which is shared.

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