My dear Father Guigues, I have just left the altar where I offered the holy sacrifice in thanksgiving for the happy conclusion to the affair that means so much to us. Father Vincens is bringing you the copy of the letter the Bishop of Grenoble has just written me. See how the Master of hearts leads them as he wishes and join me in praising the Lord.

Letter to Bruno Guigues, 3 September 1834, EO VIII n 485

Yvon Beaudoin fills in the story and quotes the letter from the Bishop:
Father Dupuy, on becoming pastor of N.-D. de l’Osier had, it seems, set about forming a community of diocesan priests to serve the Sanctuary. When the Founder understood what was going on, he wrote to explain the situation to Bishop Bruillard on August 8. 1834.
The latter replied on August 30: I will owe my good fortune to an imprudence on the part of M. Dupuy. I wanted missionaries of local origin, and now I will have men who come to me from the heart of Provence. If I had had some from Dauphiné, they would have needed a period of formation and it would have been necessary to see the adoption of a Rule. Now I will have men already tried and accustomed to a Rule approved by the Sovereign Pontiff …. In all truth, my dear Sir, far from being put out by M. Dupuy. I am tempted to exclaim: Felix culpa! Yes, I accept your dear children 

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    This morning I was late in seeing today’s posting by Frank and so spent my usual reflection time with the remainder of my Morning Prayer – missing though, my daily practice of reflecting and focusing on Eugene. But the rhythm returns and I give thanks. My daily ‘order’ has changed but God has worked through all of it. My focus as I look through the eyes of my beloved crucified Saviour reminds me how God works with all that is.

    Both Eugene and the Bishop of Grenoble have chosen to focus on the positive and to reflect on what God would make of their current situation of that time. I remind myself that while all of this is going on Eugene’s private world is one of suffering. I think for a moment of Mother Theresa who even in the ‘dark night of her soul’ continued to love the poor and to teach others to love in her manner.

    I have the option of ignoring this and rushing into my daily responsibilities, my little steps in learning how to study and research. Upsets to our routines and daily rhythms happen and perhaps it is all about how we take them in-stride. “See how the Master of hearts leads them as he wishes and join me in praising the Lord.”

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