These reflections have been published for nearly nine years, since May 2010, in four languages. What is their purpose?

It is primarily to make the life and writings of St Eugene available to a wider audience. I share with you my responses to the words and events of the life of St Eugene.

There is a secondary aim, which is available directly through the website (but not through the other means of social media that I use). This is the search engine of the site, http://www.eugenedemazenod.net/  which enables you to put in a word or concept and to find Mazenodian texts in this way. My hope is that it be a good research tool for those who want to explore our founder, spirituality and mission in a deeper way. Sometimes the reflections can appear to be too historical, or too focused on OMI concerns or just plain boring. I cannot avoid this because I aim at giving a fuller background and understanding of St Eugene and his writings.

My main aim, therefore, is not to provide a “spiritual thought” for the day – although I hope that many find these reflections helpful in this respect. It is rather to put the reader into direct contact with St Eugene and all that his life, faith and mission can mean to us today.

On a personal note, I write these reflections and post them in blind faith that some will find them useful. Apart from two loyal daily responders (only on the website), one in French and the other in English, and a handful of “likes” on Facebook, I have absolutely no responses or feedback. I smile with delight when people tell me that Denyse and Eleanor’s comments are much nicer and more practical than my reflections – because it means that these two faithful writers are communicating Eugene’s thoughts in a more tangible and real-life way. We make a good team and I am happy!

However, it would be appreciated if some more reactions and comments were to be expressed – particularly in Spanish where there is zero reaction and response and I wonder whether to continue with all the time and effort put into providing a version in Spanish.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Here Eugene does speak to me; he challenges and invites me, leads and walks with me. This is not always an ‘easy’ place to be, often uncomfortable with even Eugene’s own words being hard to get past. I smile as I think of Jesus and how uncomfortable his words were. This brings a further smile because of how Eugene looked to Jesus – as his model. “How, indeed, did our Lord Jesus Christ proceed when he undertook to convert the world?”

    In coming to know Eugene more deeply I come to know God, to know my Beloved who is the heart of my being, my world. I think of Fr. Albert Lacombe who was a priest and a missionary when he met up with the Oblates and how he said that with the Oblates his heart had found a home. Who God uses as his instruments… I am reminded of Jim Fiori OMI – who introduced me to Eugene – just like those first Oblates in Canada who shared their experiences and hearts with Fr. Lacombe. As Jim read Eugene’s first letter to Henri Tempier aloud to me I ‘heard’ Eugene telling me to stand at the foot of my crucifix… deeply personal. Just as Eugene shared his experiences of God in a most particular way of living, so it was and is with Jim and Frank. My heart too has found its home within the Mazenodian Family and I in turn try to share and communicate that spirit with others.

    This past weekend St. Paul spoke of the parts of the body, offering me the opportunity to look and rejoice and give thanks for myself being a part of that same Body of Christ. My heart too has found its home and is there with Eugene and so many others.

    A long way of thanking you Frank for sharing your experiences of God and Eugene. I am reminded of Blessed Joseph Gerard who touched so many, as he shared and communicated his whole life – I am sure that he did not know how many he was touching during his life-time. He too has become a ‘favourite’ of mine and I pray to him often. Thank you for the opportunity that you afford to all of us here each day, thank you for saying yes to being sent.

  2. Miguel Fritz says:

    Just to tell you: I do read your daily reflections, Frank. Pleas, son’t give up! I am sure, there are many; but not commenting, just reading – as myself.
    Tahnk you for this effort!

  3. Anda Sprudzs says:

    Count my thanks and appreciation as well, Frank. I certainly do not have Eleanor’s depth of faith and persistence, but I read and remember the retreat you gave at Galilee Centre. I also lack the charism, but nonetheless get much from reading when I do. Blessings!

  4. Juan Gaspar says:

    Padre Francisco ,
    Mom enjoys reading in Spanish, but I don’t think she knows about writing a comment or a post. I will remind her about it. Thank you for your hard work and efforts.

  5. Astrid Carmona says:

    Yo también los leo. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de preparar las reflexiones. Saludos!

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