What more sublime purpose than that of their Institute!
Their founder is Jesus Christ, the very Son of God;
their first fathers are the Apostles.
They are called to be the Saviour’s co-workers, the co-redeemers of mankind

1818 Rule, Part One, Chapter One. The ends of the Institute,
§3. Nota Bene. Missions, 78 (1951) p. 15

The Rule of 1818 was Eugene’s response to the question, “How must one live in order to become this ideal?”

So far in our exploration of this Rule of Life of 1818, we have seen the first chapter, which defined the Missionaries and their principal goals. In first place, evangelizing the most abandoned with their many faces. Then to fill the spiritual void left by the destruction of the religious orders, and to help the clergy to be faithful stewards of God for the most abandoned. It was in the section on the reform of the clergy that Eugene wrote his well-known Nota Bene – the original version of the Preface.

The Rule continues by expanding these points by giving practical details. The second chapter is dedicated to the preaching of parish missions.

The third chapter is entitled, “other ministries.” We have seen the first two parts of this: the ministry of preaching and the ministry of confession. Tomorrow we will continue with the third ministry: the youth.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I feel this morning as though I am on a vast stairway. We have all seen those pictures of steps leading up into the clouds and with people on those steps – the stairway to heaven. The chart of our vocational journey.

    I look at all those on that stairway – they seem so young – strong – and focused. I wonder – are we even on the same stairway? at times it feels as if I have stopped dead – unable to continue, or that I am on my knees and crawling. Those on the stairway do not ignore me, simply passing by – they stop and encourage me – sometimes it is as if I am picked up and carried on their shoulders.

    I look again – there are not just young professionals on that stairway – there are those who carry their young on their shoulders and at the same time I notice that the young are journeying with their elders. There is a sense of being “with”.

    I think this morning of those who will be taking the next class in Oblate Studies – I do not know who all of them are – we are on the same stairway though – young and old and in between. Yes I am excited for what I will learn but even more I am excited for others – for what they will learn and share, what they will receive and how they will carry it on their journey.

    Today is beautiful day for giving thanks. And so dear Eugene I give thanks for that day that we met on the stairs, you inviting me to walk with you and share in your journey. Your gentle adoption of me into your family, where like so many others my heart has found a home. I am excited all over again – each day – with each step…

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