Conscious of the fact that they are only 6 priests and 3 scholastic seminarians at the moment, Eugene’s enthusiasm cannot be contained – they have big dreams:

and even though,
because of their present small number and
the more urgent needs of the people around them,
they have to limit the scope of their zeal,
for the time being,
to the poor of our countryside and others,
their ambition should, in its holy aspirations,
embrace the vast expanse of the whole earth

1818 Rule, Part One, Chapter One. The ends of the Institute, §3. Nota Bene.
Missions, 78 (1951) p. 15

Eugene’s daily encounters with the Savior in prayer, and his Bible-rooted spirituality filled him with the confidence to have big dreams: ‘There is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32
He was described as having a heart as big as the world, and with his conviction he could visualize the mustard seed at growth from Aix en Provence – reaching today to all the countries of the world where the members of the Mazenodian family are present.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett. Oblate Associate says:

    Always the invitation to go deeper even as we look outwardly and the boundaries of our horizons fade. I can think of no better gift than to be part of a family that is world-wide. And even greater for we are a part of the Church, a part of the Communion of Saints.
    I think of the many who suffer and are not an immediate part of our hearts’ view – those who are so often ignored; the shooters of children, the abusers of any, the corrupt rulers – an endless list from the beginning of time and even as my heart breaks I am suddenly uncomfortable – it is not easy to love those who appear to be so vile. I think for a moment of Calvary and the ‘other two’ crucified on either side of Jesus.
    If we are to become other Christs, to become other co-operators of the crucified Saviour – are we then not also called to embrace the whole earth in very real ways? Eugene invites all of us to join him in living and loving all. This too is part of our “Oblation”. And what might this look like for me today? Forgiveness comes to mind.

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