All Saints’ Day has arrived: from three in the morning, those who made up the Chapter are awake; before four o’clock they are all in the chapel praying in front of the altar, preparing themselves for the most beautiful, the most consoling of all the sacrifices.

Mémoires of Suzanne and Moreau cited by Rambert, I, 290-291.

Leflon narrates:

It must indeed have been a time of great satisfaction for Father de Mazenod. On November 1, 1818, after receiving the necessary authorization from Guigou, he pronounced his vows of chastity, obedience and perseverance in the presence of Fortuné; during the Mass which followed, he accepted the vows of Fathers Maunier, Mie, Tempier and Moreau and of the scholastic brothers Dupuy, Courtès and Suzanne.

Leflon 2, p. 169

The formula used by Eugene was:

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the Angels and all the Saints, all my brothers here assembled, I, Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod, profess, promise to God and vow perpetual chastity and obedience; I swear and likewise vow to persevere until death in the holy institute and society of the Missionaries known as Missionaries of Provence. So help me God.
Eugene de Mazenod missionary priest

Oblation formula, 1 November 1818, EO XV, n.149

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One Response to TODAY: EXACTLY 200 YEARS AGO!

  1. Eleanor Rabnett, oblate associate says:

    Eugene de Mazenod, missionary priest. Those two words which state who he is “missionary priest”. No capital letters – simply those two words which he uses to describe himself. I think of the two words pronounced when couples marry – “I do”.

    Immense and profound humility, surrender, trust. Such a blessing it is to be a witness to this love. I find myself close to tears as I read over and over again seventy-five words that express who Eugene was – no embellishments or words of self-elevation. He did this alone and as a member of the Missionaries of Provence. Simplicity and truth – all captured in Constitution 64 with their only distinctive sign to be worn will be the Oblate cross.

    The description – all that is needed to frame and describe those words are “oblation formula”.

    Today I carry this with me in my heart as I pray and reflect, as I study and take part in all that I do, making it a part of my breathing in and breathing out. Witnessing, taking part in – personal and communal in the same moments. Gratitude and joy. We enter into the presence of God with the communion of saints on this holy day. We join with all the members of our Mazenodian family and our loved ones – those who came before us and those yet to be.

    Praise be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate.

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