Writing to Father Guibert at the Marian Shrine in Laus, Eugene asks for prayers for the community. In particular for Casimir Aubert who was preparing himself for his priestly ordination on April 6. He would be the first Oblate to be ordained by Bishop Eugene.

… There is no need for me to tell you that all these good brothers are asking for your prayers and those of our Fathers. Aubert in particular has been really insistent lest I forget his commission; he is on retreat, I could not refuse to let him have a fortnight off to prepare himself for the priestly ordination that his unblemished life has already made him so worthy of. What an outstanding fellow he is! Intelligence, character, virtue, heart: he has them all to perfection. You can congratulate yourself on gaining such a prize and the family will be eternally grateful.

Letter to Hippolyte Guibert, 25 March 1833, EO VIII n 444

Eugene’s praise for his Oblate son was well-founded, and we will be hearing more about Casimir Aubert in Eugene’s correspondence in the future.

I recommend the Oblate Historical Dictionary article: https://www.omiworld.org/lemma/aubert-joseph-jerome-casimir/

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I think of what Bro. Jouvent said of Fr. Casimir in a letter to Eugene: “…like the well-beloved disciple resting on the heart of the Divine Master, he too had rested on your fatherly heart whence he drew the great virtues which seemed to make him your living image”.

    What an image of love! Eugene was so richly blessed with the sons that God gave to him. He loved them. He loved Casimir as he had Fr. Marius Suzanne and depended upon him as he did with Henri Tempier. “Isn’t it rather that your soul and mine mingled from the moment they met? […] How could I not enjoy a friendship that hasn’t known a moment’s lapse?”

    I think of those that I love most dearly. Eugene and his immense capacity to love beginning with Jesus – “when my eyes met his” and from there that becoming ‘one with’ the other. Seeing through the eyes of his Saviour – pure love! The mystery of God, of God’s love – all around us.

    I remember sharing with a dear friend about meeting an Oblate Associate in another country and how it was as if we were sisters when we met and recognized the other and my friend told it is like that when we share in a charism, a gift from God. Our souls mingled when they met. I have experienced that myself with a few of my dearest friends. Some are no longer with me yet I hold them in my heart as if they still walked this earth and the others – what outstanding people they are! How richly our Beloved blesses us!

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