Just days before his episcopal consecration, Eugene gives a glimpse of the close relationship he enjoys with God – and with each Person of the Trinity – something he had experienced since his childhood.

I invoke that Spirit as you can imagine in my present situation, with diligence and persistence, I dare not say with fervour.
Thus, whether my thoughts go to the immensity of God’s goodness that he has accompanied me from childhood and led me to perform the various tasks that he has confided to me in the course of my life,
or whether I meditate on the interior workings of grace, all of a kind to arouse my gratitude and love,
or whether I reflect on my sins, my innumerable infidelities, which would make the very stones cry out against me and make me the first of my accusers,
I know all the time that it is my Father who is in heaven I am dealing with, who has at his right hand his Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who is our advocate, our mediator, who never ceases to make intercession for us, with that powerful prayer which has the right to be heard and which is in actual fact always heard if we put no obstacle in its way. It is precisely on this point that the power of the Holy Spirit draws me to dwell and it is the fruit that I want and hope for from my retreat.

Letter to Henri Tempier, 10 October 1832, EO VIII n 436

How can we describe the pattern of our relationship with God?

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Franks words hit me strangely this morning, inviting me to look more deeply, seeing with different lenses perhaps. The “close relationship he enjoys with God” – I have not thought of it in that light before – enjoy. Not a lukewarm enjoy – but rather something deeper, truer – delight in, relish, revel, savor… It can deepen, becoming an integral part of the breathing in and breathing out.

    The pattern of our, my relationship with God. So intensely personal and yet at the same time it is not just me for I am led, accompanied, shared – with God. There is something there which I cannot put words to but the Trinity does and is – those three distinct persons in one.

    It is like a dance – the music always there, the music sometimes seething will other moments hold perfect calm, peace, separate notes and steps in perfect unity. I find them all deepening as time goes on – even when I stumble or get lost in the music.
    I am surprised at my thoughts for I began an hour ago and yet my own words have led me here to this point – none of it what I expected. Is this one of those times that I have missed the beat, or has a note in its purity invited me to see something so much deeper. Fanciful or real.

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