The fruit of this particular retreat meditation on the Oblate Rule of Life:

Indeed, what did Our Lord do when he wanted to convert the universe?
“He chose a number of apostles and disciples whom he himself trained in piety, and he filled them with his Spirit. These men he sent forth, once they had been schooled in his teaching, to conquer the world which, before long, was to bow to his holy rule.”.
Thus models are available, it remains only to imitate them.

Retreat notes, October 1831, EO XV n. 163

Who are my models in following Jesus?

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    As Eugene speaks of who Jesus schooled in his teaching and sent forth I note how he (Eugene) too did the same thing, how he shared and taught and then sent them out just as Jesus had done. Jesus sharing with them his spirit, the Holy Spirit and so Eugene did that, sharing with them his charism, the gift of the Holy Spirit. I become for a moment distracted with thoughts rising as I learn about charism and I realise the past becomes alive in the present just as it is this moment.

    These men were sent forth – I find myself becoming filled with zeal – how will you send me out Lord? You see to my formation, and I am anxious to be sent. I wonder if that is what it is like for some of our young men who are in the Scholasticate or for some of our Associates. I hope so.

    Yes Eugene – models are available – I need only to look as far as you and your family to find them. I see others on the periphery and they help to fill in like some of the threads of a tapestry. Do I try to imitate them, to imitate all of you? You betcha! Not in the way of copying them like becoming a little ‘mini priest’. No – I try to become like them, the persons that they are, walking as they do. I think of St. Eugene shedding his light on my life, and how so many members of this family do the same for me. Yes I want to do that, to somehow shed my light on others. I remember saying that it was in the ‘we’ of community that I came discover and recognize the ‘me’ in life. What we all do for and with each other!

    I think that I could spend hours here meditating on this – my own little retreat. And in a sense I will – for I will hold and carry the gift of this reflection as I prepare a meal to share with a dear friend and as I study, read and reflect on my courses. And my day will be a day of giving thanks. Jesus you fill me with light, with a passion for all things that are of you and with gratitude that is unbounded. All then gives birth to joy.

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