In these lines we touch the heart of Eugene’s prayer for those he loved: “I concern myself about you before God.” It was in the presence of God, in prayer, that Eugene communed with those who were absent.

My dear children, here I am already two days’ journey from you, each day separates me further from my cherished family; you are all present to me, just as you are, and most willingly I concern myself about you before God!

It was before the tabernacle every evening, that Eugene met the Oblates who were far away. He used the intimate word “rendezvous” for this: a friend, gathering with the Friend, and with all friends in this divine friendship.

That is where I give you rendezvous. Speak often of me to our common Father who is, with his divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, at the center of our hearts; love him, ever let us love each other more in him.

Letter to Jean-Baptiste Mille and the scholastics, 17 November 1830, EO VII n 371


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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Years ago I had the joy of being able to attend our Provincial Convocation and when it was over we were each of us running for last goodbyes and hugs as we departed to our separate corners of the country. I don’t remember there being a sense of sadness, but rather there was joy for the time we had spent together.

    Over the years I had become friends with ‘Bishop Peter’ (Peter Sutton) and as we were sharing hugs he gave me two gifts; one, a small piece of native artwork and the other his promise “we will meet in prayer Eleanor, every day we will meet in prayer.” I was surprised, filled with wonder and no small amount of delight.

    That memory is so clear to me this morning, just as is my sense of gratitude and joy. “…ever let us love each other more in him.” Who would have thought that possible? And yet today here it is. Even here in this place, we all come together somehow. In Oraison; in God we come together. The immensity of love!

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