How to correct wrong directions in community life and refocus?  Eugene gives guidelines, which continue to be beacons for us today.

Regard the Rule as our law, the superiors as God, our brothers like our other selves.

Letter to Hippolyte Guibert, 29 July 1830, EO VII n 350

“Regard the Rule as our law.” Each religious and missionary group has a particular focus on the Gospel, which is expressed and put into practice through its Rule of Life. The only way in which we can truly be what God wants us to be is by following this Church-approved Rule to which we, as Oblates and in a customized form as Associates, have made a public commitment. (cf. )

The Constitutions and Rules set out a privileged means for each Oblate to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. They are inspired by the charism lived by the Founder and his first companions; also, they have received the approval of the Church. Thus, they allow each Oblate to evaluate the quality of his response to his vocation and to become a saint.” CC&RR, Constitution 163.


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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I am one that needs guidelines and rules in my life, both written and unwritten. The rules of the house of my father that I grew up in, the rules of law of the land that I live in, the 12 Steps and Traditions of AA, the rules of the Church, and now this Rule of Life as shared with us to lived as we, as I am called. All be gifts of love, wrapped in velvet tenderness, designed to give life rather than to take it.

    And I need to look at them as to how I can live them to the fullest, rather than trying to find exceptions or loopholes. If I truly believe that this is how God has called me to live and be then I cannot be forever searching to find out what ‘does not apply to me. I must look at this Rule of Life and asking myself how do I live that in my life here as an Oblate Associate. An aside: this has always involved others, never has it been outside of a community of some sort.

    I think of how I refocus; it’s never been just a one-time event, but rather something I return to over and over again. I tend to come back to the beginning – and for me that means to the Word of God, and to Eugene de Mazenod and his charism as expressed and shared in his Rule of Life.

    I am most grateful to the Oblates for sharing this Rule of Life with me, for me to live as I am called. It is a gift that enhances and helps me to respond to my vocation and to become a saint.

  2. Patrick M McGee says:

    I, too, am one who has discovered himself, in the second half of life, as a rebel and a rule breaker! My program has taught me to “do as I’m told,” and obey the rules.

    Yet, there is something a bit more attractive in prayerfully turning to the CCRR as “our way of life,” as we do, first, with the Scriptures.

    Still, to the best of my ability, I will “enforce the Rule,” to keep Eugene happy!

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