Charity for our neighbor is again an essential part of our spirit. We practice it first amongst us by loving each other as brothers

Eugene spells out how to express this fraternal love. Firstly by working to maintain a spirit of unity among ourselves:

by considering our Society only as the most united family which exists on the earth,

A practical way of achieving this:

by rejoicing over the virtues, the talents and other qualities that our brothers possess just as much as if we possessed them ourselves,


in bearing with mildness the little faults that some have not yet overcome, covering them over with the mantle of the most sincere charity, etc.;

Letter to Hippolyte Guibert, 29 July 1830, EO VII n 350

How sad when we focus on finding fault with one another without looking for the good first. Henry Ford had some good advice: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I look at Eugene and then ask myself how I express this love? I need at some point to make the decision to love. I remember Kay Cronin, HOMI who loved me, who when I was at my worst (before meeting God) and how she loved me, while being able to recognize the good and the bad. This was long before I stopped the drugs and the alcohol and the way of living that was entailed in that life. She stated what was wrong and how I was ‘running away from’ love even while trying to get close enough to me to show me how I might ‘run towards’ that love that I so desperately wanted. She truly bore ‘with mildness the little (and sometimes glaringly huge) faults’ that I had not even begun to overcome for I was not even able to recognize them.

    There – there was the spirit of Eugene and the Oblates, at work in me, long before I ever heard of St. Eugene de Mazenod, but which he had so clearly shared with her. I recognize the model, the example that she became for me. I recognize too how I am slowly learning to become like her. Thank you Kay. Thank you Lord for Kay and all the others.

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