Rey continues to narrate the reaction of Eugene in the face of death. His serenity and total self-giving inspired all those around him to renew their own “yes” to God in oblation.

“He wished to receive the Extreme Unction before the Holy Viaticum, saying that this practice was more in conformity with the spirit of the Church.

And when the Host was presented to him, “Leave me,” he said, in a voice interrupted by sobs, “let me contemplate my Master, my Savior … Yes, you are my God, I love you. It is a kind of profanation that you have been brought into this miserable dwelling place.” “How were you not put off to come and visit me?”

After the communion he made his profession of faith, renewed his vows by reading the formula of commitments.

When he had finished, Father Tempier having placed the ciborium on the side table, approached the bed, and on his knees renewed his vows at the hands of the venerable sick man, kissing them afterwards with love; He was imitated by the Fathers and Lay Brothers who had attended the ceremony.”

Rey I p. 471

An invitation to reflect on those who have inspired us with their serene faith in the fce of serious illness or death. How wonderful if we were able to learn from and imitate every act of oblation that we encounter in life.


What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.— Nelson Mandela

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    An incredibly powerful reading this morning! Two levels of reflection – the first in listening to the words of Eugene as he talked with God and looking at what he inspired within those who were around him – renewing their own commitments to God and to each other. Oblation. The second in what inspires me.

    Yesterday at church we were asked what kind of a difference were we making in the lives of others by sharing our gifts of who we are. After Mass ended a friend approached me to give me an update on her health. She is at least 10 years older than me and had a mastectomy 6 months ago because she had cancer in one breast. They have found more cancer now in her other breast – this type being very aggressive and so will have another mastectomy in two weeks. Her spirits are good as she faces this – preparing her house to be clean, while knowing the pain that comes with healing – not an easy haul at all. I am inspired by her generosity of faith and life, her determination to walk through what she must.

    I look at some of those around me who I have loved and who have died and it was in their living that they inspired me. Just as God was unbelievably generous in visiting Eugene on that occasion so God has been equally generous in who he has put around me, in where he has planted me.

    I wonder – I wonder about the differences I have made in the lives of others. I look at what Eugene and Frank have said, at what Nelson Mandela has said. I am so grateful. I look at Tom and Maureen M have inspired within me. How God continues to fill my life and come to visit me.

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