As priests and brothers, we have complementary responsibilities in evangelizing.

CC&RR, Constitution 7

As I write this reflection, I am at the summer school of the Anglo Irish Oblate Province. It is an example of the Mazenodian Family in action as a fruit of the charism of St Eugene. In 2006 I was privileged to be present, and to make a presentation on St Eugene, at the Oblate Congress held in Manchester. This is how the Oblate province describes the event and its results:

“In 2006, Fr. Tom Murphy OMI set the Province on a new journey when he called for lay people to be invited to the Congress of the Province. The theme of the Congress was to be “Partners in Mission.” It was the first time we had invited the people we walk with to such an event. The days we spent together helped shape the direction taken by the Province in the years that followed.

Four years later this new direction would lead to the establishment of the Partners in Mission team based at Denis Hurley House in London. The then Provincial, Fr. Willie Fitzpatrick, encouraged the team to find new ways to engage with people during a time of immense change within the life of the Province.”

Since then it has been my joy and privilege to work with and journey with this group – and to be inspired and enriched by their missionary zeal. With Fr. Lorcan O’Reilly at the helm of this team of partners, many exciting ventures of complementary evangelization have been undertaken.

“At present we have a team of nine people involved in the Partners project. This nine is comprised of two Oblates and seven lay people who share both our spirituality and mission. Three of them are devoted to youth ministry, four others work in the area of charism development and the final member of the team takes care of the administration needs of the project.

The values that underpin the work of the Partners in Mission team are: Continuity, Responsiveness and Innovation.

By continuity we mean continuing the best practices of our Oblate heritage and building on our rich traditions.

Responsiveness is for us to be faithful to the example of St Eugene and to reach out to the needs of the present moment.

While innovation invites us to leave nothing “undared for the Gospel.” http://oblates.ie/ministries/partners-in-mission/


Anglo Irish pilgrimage to the tomb of St Eugene

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”   Mitch Albom

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  1. Peg Hanafin says:

    Delighted to understand the background to “Partners” . Kirk and Mary certainly do inspiring work. Good idea to involve the laeity. Ireland is in need of such partnership

  2. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    It is so good to be inspired by others – by our brothers and sisters in Christ, our brothers and sisters in the charism. It is good to be a part of something so much bigger than just myself, than just ourselves. I sometimes find myself looking with such wonder and gratitude at the gift we have in each other. This morning has helped me to feed an ever-present hunger to learn more about, to get to know those who share in the charism and our shared way of living. There is a most wonderful bond that unites us. It is as Frank writes; “it has been my joy and privilege to work with and journey with this group – and to be inspired and enriched by their missionary zeal.”

    I have looked at three of the values of the Anglo-Irish Province – not so different from some of our own values here, but the wording is new, the expression is different. It is a change from the rhythm of my everyday and so has invited me look at the values that we stated were most important to us here in OMI Lacombe.

    Celebration – that is what I have been thinking of, looking at this morning. Celebration of not only the Oblates, but all of those, all of us who are called to walk with them and share in this gift of the charism. Celebration of this bond which unites us and holds us together. Celebration which is acknowledging and giving thanks for each other. This morning has reminded me, no inspired me to look at my own Province here in Canada. To celebrate and to give thanks for all that we have and do and are right here at home.

    This morning is way to celebrate our Mazenodian Family, of how we are all Partners in Mission.

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