The foundation of the Missionaries involved considerable expense. A Prospectus for the Missions was produced in which an appeal was made for benefactors to participate financially in the evangelizing activities of the Missionaries by subscribing towards the expenses of setting up the house of the Missionaries of Provence.

 But an establishment, which should produce such great fruit as an institution that can be described as being so necessary, cannot be formed without the contribution of the faithful by their charity. We have no doubt that those who have in their hearts a sincere love for religion, will agree to the pleasing duty of sowing some temporal goods in order to reap eternal ones.
Is it possible that they would wish to deprive themselves of the graces that God does not fail to give to those who cooperate in such a holy  work?
We sense that this is not the most favourable of times; but the danger is too urgent for us to put off being associated with this good work. In order for the contribution not to be too much of a burden, we propose a subscription or a participation as a means to contribute in a very inexpensive way, for several years, depending on the possibilities of each one.”
We will have daily prayers in the church of the mission in Aix for the benefactors and during the course of the missions we will urge the people to do the same.”
 Formula of subscription:
” I promise to pay each year for  (_____) insofar as my possibilities allow, the sum of ___, as a contribution to the expense of the establishment of the house of the Missions of Provence, founded in Aix in the former convent of the Carmelites.”

OMI General Archives, Rome, DM-IX-1

One benefactor responded with a loan of 12,000 Francs, interest free for a year (was it perhaps Eugene’s mother?). Madame de Mazenod’s cousin, Roze-Joannis pledged the sum of 300 francs.

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