We take a break now until the end of December. When we start again, I will invite you to journey with me each day towards our 200th anniversary of foundation on January 25. What a joyful moment in which to give thanks!

Know that each day when I write the reflection, it is a moment of communion with each one of you and with the wider Mazenodian Family throughout the world. For this reason I wish you a Blessed Christmas with this scene from our international nativity scene in the mission church in Aix en Provence, where Eugene used to celebrate, preach and pray.


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  1. David Morgan, Associate says:

    For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

    Have a Blessed Christmas Frank.

  2. ANDA says:

    Christmas blessings to you as well, Frank.

  3. Bart Zavaletta says:

    The 204th Anniversary of St. Eugene’s Ordination to the Priesthood is on December 22. St. Eugene de Mazenod, Priest of Jesus Christ and Oblate of Mary Immaculate – Pray for Us!!!

  4. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I am late in coming here today. While I did arise at my usual time I found myself a little disappointed that St. Eugene and Frank were pausing until the New Year. In truth my thoughts were of myself and how I would start my day without ‘my fix’ of Eugene leading us. I chose instead to continue with my ‘process of discernment’, a process that we Oblate Associates are working through before recommitting ourselves for another year on the coming February 17th. But all the while thinking that I would come back here later to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas.

    I was though unable to forget Frank’s words of how he enters into communion with each of us as he writes his reflection. What a gift that is to each of us who enters this sacred space to be and pray together, to reflect and then respond as we go about our daily routines. I find myself a little ashamed to admit to my ‘stomping my foot once in the dust’, but do believe that you all deserve some honesty, because I do believe that we all enter into communion with each other as we come here and share our presence in whatever way that we can.

    To you Frank and to all of you who come here I wish for you a very Blessed Christmas and I look forward to joining all of you in the New Year on our ongoing journey as we move towards January 25th and the 200th anniversary of the founding of this magnificent congregation and family. I send to all of you love and prayers.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Jack Lau, OMI says:

    Thanks so very much Frank for this ministry to and for the de Mazenodian family.

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