While visiting the novices in Marseille, Eugene reported to Fr. Tempier that even though the number was small, the quality was good.

… All is admirable here, save for the number; there is much to groan about considering how few ecclesiastics understand the spirit of the divine Founder and close their ears to his calling. Since it cannot be otherwise, let us be pleased with what we have. For it seems to me that it is good.

Letter to Henri Tempier, 21 October 1828 , EO VII n. 313

Today our Rule of Life expands on the sentiments expressed by Eugene regarding vocations to the Oblate congregation:

“Christian families, youth groups and Christian communities, whether parish or other, provide a favourable environment for the growth of vocations. Many young people discover there the person of Jesus and feel the attraction of his message. There, too, they begin to exercise their gifts for leadership and ministry. It is primarily in such settings, then, that we ought to help youth discover their vocation and to accompany them in their spiritual journey. Our houses will welcome those who wish to “come and see” and thus experience at first hand what Oblate life is like. In a brotherly way we will help them discern what the Lord expects of them and what special grace he offers them in his Church.”  CC&RR, Constitution 53


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach the destination.”   Jimmy Dean

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    It is like that now for so many of us here in North America – where the numbers are so very few and yet there are 3 or 4 young men from the Czech Republic who are seriously looking at the Oblate Community as a way of living and being. And it is good and there is joy in that. While here at home the Oblate community is not always so greatly visible.

    And with the Oblate Associates which are now spoken of as having a vocation, a call from God and are now becoming a little visible though the numbers are small, but the quality – the quality is admirable as Eugene would say. We need to make a special effort to invite the young people as well as those established to look at our communities, to join us and walk with us, see if ‘it fits’.

    Even as I sit and reflect on this I think of the primary reason I am here and it is not Eugene but rather it is God, it is Jesus Christ who speaks my name and calls me beloved. Who would not be attracted to that? And I get to live that out and share who Jesus is in my life, as an Oblate Associate. I do this in a particular way that is quite little and ordinary. And as the words touch the screen I realise much joy and gratitude in that. To echo Eugene: “let us be pleased with what we have. For it seems to me that it is good.”

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