In preparation for our patronal feast, we recall Eugene’s decision to change our name to Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Once the decision had been made, and Eugene had requested this new name, he was filled with joy at having done the right thing.

Oblates of the Immaculate Mary. But this is a passport to heaven! How have we not thought of it sooner?

Letter to Henri Tempier, 22 December 1825, EO VI n 213

 Eugene “seems to become aware of the fact that, even if he had always loved Mary, he had not yet understood the essential role she played in the plan of Redemption. In searching for the patron who best expressed the goal of his Congregation – that is a person walking in the footsteps of Christ, committed to the apostolate of service and to the instruction of the poor – he had not thought of Mary. While in Rome, he understood who Mary really was. The title of the Congregation was thus born from a discovery that, in order to respond in an authentic way to the urgent needs of the Church, its members should identify with Mary Immaculate “to offer themselves” to the service of God’s plan of salvation like she did.”   Casimir Lubowicki, “Mary” in the Dictionary of Oblate Values, http://www.omiworld.org/dictionary.asp?v=9&ID=1056&let=M&pag=4

Today: “Mary Immaculate is patroness of our Congregation. Open to the Spirit, she consecrated herself totally as lowly handmaid to the person and work of the Savior. She received Christ in order to share him with all the world, whose hope he is. In her, we recognize the model of the Church’s faith and of our own.” CC&RR Constitution 10

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I sit and marvel at the immensity of God’s love and how it never precludes anything. To first hear the breath of God touching my soul and abandoning myself to a transformation that once begun has no end. Almost a ‘watching’ of this love, for it has been initiated not by myself but rather upon and within. Receiving the most Holy Spirit that breathes through, expanding, making room for all other. Meeting Mary who though not transforming but rather holding my hand walking in and through the transformation, a model that does not lessen but only enhances and ever expanding connection to all that is God. Mary most holy, whose ‘fiat’ is a model of how the poorest and least share in a love so great and are raised up and a part of… A model of humanity becoming one with divinity.

    Here we are heading into the 2nd Sunday in Advent, waiting, hoping, preparing and I find myself adding to that the waiting and hoping for the coming celebration on Monday with a secret, silent thrill within me. I do not know what is to come with it only that I shall be a part of it. My world with God increases and my connections with love are only enhanced. Who could have known it would be like this. Mary is a vital part of the immense miracle that is life in and with God.

    I am quite unable to give words to express what is within and can only continue to sit in wonder and awe.

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