On the anniversary of Father Marcou’s death, Eugene’s reminiscences led him to recall the origins of Fr Marcou’s Oblate vocation journey.

After several years in the youth congregation and the practice of virtue, he entered the seminary. His piety became well known. He brought to that community the spirit which he had learned in the youth congregation, a holy zeal for spreading good. He succeeded in gathering around him a little group of fervent seminarians.
Beginning in 1812, I had introduced to this seminary where I made my annual retreat, the zealous association which I had known in the seminary in Paris. The association was continued in the house in Aix. Marcou was too fervent not become a member. He performed intelligently and successfully the task which is imposed on each member of the association. He achieved greater results than all the others put together. Several seminarians told me that it was due to his resourceful charity that they did well in the seminary.
The Lord rewarded his zeal by strengthening the resolve which he already had when entering the seminary to be associated with the work of the Missionaries whom I had united in the society while he was still only a member of the youth congregation. He had always kept his intention to do so hidden from me. I got to know about it only on the day when he came to ask me insistently to accept him as a member of our society. Convinced of the excellence of this vocation, he had persuaded one his fellow students whose good qualities he admired, to follow the same road to perfection. [ed. Father Jacques Jeancard – later to be Eugene’s auxiliary bishop in Marseille]. It was after having made this conquest that he came to see me and he was ever so pleased to see my surprise and the happiness which I experienced.
He did his novitiate in the spirit which one would expect from a soul such as his.

Diary of 20 August 1838, E.O. XIX


“I think the only kind of acceptable evangelization is the evangelization of good example.”   Andrew Greeley

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    When we find where we ‘fit’ in life and what fills us with fire and passion, we cannot help but share it with all we meet. Although Jacques Marcou was not around for a really long life and although he was quiet in his life he seemed to draw people in, inspire and lead them. “… gathering around him a little group of fervent seminarians…due to his resourceful charity that they did well in the seminary…he had persuaded one his fellow students whose good qualities he admired, to follow the same road to perfection.” Like Eugene he led as a good example.

    I am not a parade or banner carrying type of person. But yesterday I walked in the Pride Parade – at the front of our group carrying a huge banner along with two other people. It was beautiful, sunny, hot. I walked with a group from my church made up of a wide variety of people, single, married, a lady with her dog, a couple of children, young people and many who were in my age group. We were supported by those who we saw along the route. We had a large banner that gave the name of our parish and our T-shirts proclaimed that all are welcome in our Church. People clapped and waved and smiled, as did we. And as they read the banner they took pictures, their eyes filled with surprise registered happiness and joy. Sometimes you know when another experiences love and joy in you, in who you are. That is what happened yesterday. To be a part of all of that was a wonderful gift. I don’t know if the people along the parade route were changed, but I was and for that I am incredibly grateful. God just keeps giving.

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